Sync Licensing

Though technically Terrorbirds can't fly, we’re known for our speed and agility on land, tenaciously working to pitch our masterfully curated roster and skillfully negotiating artist-friendly deals. Hailed as a pleasure to work with by the industry’s top executives in film, television, advertising, video games and media, we pride ourselves on our strong personal relationships and keen musical ears, both of which have cemented our reputation as one of the leading sync licensing companies in the business. 
The Team: Josh Briggs, Lauren Ross, Jasmine Flott, Julia Moreira, Sam Storch, and Noor Khan.

Recent Placements

- Apple iPad video

Windmill “Tokyo Moon and Big Boom (2 songs)”

- One Tree Hill (CW)

Ages and Ages “Souvenir”

- Being Human (Syfy)

Zaza “Sooner or Later”

- My Life As Liz (MTV)

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas “No Place Left To Hide”

- No Ordinary Family (ABC)

The Bell “Whatever Did You Say”

- One Tree Hill (CW)

- Skins (MTV)

Miracles Club “Church Song”

- Being Human (Syfy)

T.H. White “Floating Way Up”

- Skins (MTV)

STRFKR “Millions”

Fox's Human Target

Windmill “Toyko Moon”

Anthem Health Insurance Ad

Laura Veirs “When You Give Your Heart”

CW's One Tree Hill

Fences “Hands”

HBO's Bored to Death

Princeton “Clamoring For Your Heart”

Fox's Bones

Le Tigre “After Dark (A Touch Of Class Remix)”

ABC's Grey's Anatomy

Kyle Andrews “You Always Make Me Smile”

HBO's Bored to Death

Princeton “Sadie & Andy”

Playstation EyePet Ad

Kyle Andrews “Kangaroo”

Showtime's Weeds

Those Darlins “Snaggletooth Mama”

Kohl's Online Ad

Sara Jackson-Holman “Cellophane (Pale Soul Island Remix)”

US Bank Ad

Gold Motel “Summer House”

MTV's World Of Jenks

Horse Feathers “Thistled Spring”

CW's 90210

Surfer Blood “Floating Vibes”

USA's Covert Affairs

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down “Bag Of Hammers”

HBO's Bored to Death

Family of the Year “Charlie Song”

MTV's World Of Jenks

Those Darlins “Snaggletooth Mama”

LG mobile phone Ad

Laura Veirs “I Can See Your Tracks”

Dell Inspiron Ad

Kyle Andrews “We Were Colors”

Crayola Ad

Gold Motel “Summer House”

CW's Life Unexpected

Blitzen Trapper “Wild Mountain Nation”

CW's One Tree Hill

Catherine Feeny “People in the Hole”

MTV's World Of Jenks

Those Darlins “Hung Up On Me”

ABC's Grey's Anatomy

Dark Dark Dark “Daydreaming”

NBC/DirecTV's Friday Night Lights

Awesome Color “White Cloud”

MTV's World Of Jenks

Viernes “Honest Parade”

MTV's World Of Jenks

Horse Feathers “Heathens Kiss”

FX's Terriers

Those Darlins “Wild One”

- Degrassi (Teen Nick)

Dark Dark Dark “Daydreaming”

- How To Make It In America (HBO)

Wild Nothing “O, Lilac”

Levis ad

Julianna Barwick “Anjos”

- Weeds (Showtime)

Elizabeth Cook “Sometimes it Takes Balls to be A Woman”

- GoPro HD ad

Typhoon “CPR - Claws Pt 2”

- Chuck (NBC)

Typhoon “Firewood”