Michelle Blades Visitor

Release Date 03/29/2019

(Midnight Special )

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Michelle Blades is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist born in Panama in 1990. Half Mexican from her mother's side, she grew up in a family salsa musicians soaking up early notions of her heritage, studio life and production.

Moving to the United States at the age of seven, her family left Panama to flee the vestiges of violence left by Noriega and began a new life in Miami, learning English and living in different recording studios and apartments.

Surprisingly, music was all but forbidden at home, many of Michelle's artistic aspirations halted by the family patriarch until she moved out of the family home at sixteen. She juggled jobs as a journalist for the channel CBS, producing a biweekly show called «Focus on South Florida», sold smoothies and pursued her other passion: skate videos, working for MIA skatepark and her website 2TEN AM productions. This love would prove important to her career as it would pave her way to direct and produce music videos for several artists.

After buying a ukulele with her first paycheck, Michelle moved to Arizona at the age of eighteen and became immersed in the diy scene of Phoenix and Tempe, recording and releasing her first EPs and albums under her own name and with her friends, playing in the noisy-punk trio North Dakota, learning guitar, drums, synth and bass.

Along the way a small Paris based label « Camaraderie Limited » invited Michelle to go on tour and play a series of house shows over the course of the month, allowing her to discover Europe and make friends that would change her life.

In 2012, during her third visit in France, Michelle made a musical bond and friendship with the Midnight Special Records team. This prompted a move to the French capital where Michelle would create the bulk of her work in ceaseless collaboration with the label and its artists, establishing a family working with the spirit of a collective.

Since then, we've seen the release of her LP "Ataraxia" (2015), Polylust (EP, 2016) and Premature Love Songs (EP, 2017) as well as music and arrangements for Laure Briard, playing bass in Fishbach and even putting together a band on the other side of the ocean, forming Michelle Blades y Los Machetes in Mexico.

Now, after five years in Europe, the composer, musician or director ("Retiens mon desir" or "Chateau Perdu" for Cléa Vincent amongst others), solo or in a band, this nomad soul has already lived a thousand lives and seems to be aiming for a thousand and one.


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