Gundelach Bolder (Single)

Release Date 02/22/2019

(U OK?)

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Kai Gundelach spent his formative years as an underage DJ and guitar prodigy in Oslo’s nightlife, before entering the Scandinavian music scene with a hit debut single “Alone In The Night”. Drawing critical acclaim for his follow up singles “Spiders” and “Fjernsynet” on his self-titled EP, led to heavy radio rotation both nationally and abroad, playing tastemaker festivals Roskilde and Øya, and several Norwegian Grammy nominations. Gundelach quickly became the prince of melancholia in Norway with his pervasive falsetto and noir analog productions. 

Gundelach will release his the 'My Frail Body' EP this Spring on Norwegian label, U OK? (Boy Pablo). The origin of the new work started when the Munch museum asked Gundelach to make an interpretation of an Edvard Munch painting. Being guided all on his own through the large Munch exhibition gave him the quiet and space to reflect more deeply about the coinciding personality traits between himself and Edvard Munch. Inspired by the famous Munch painting, "Self-Portrait in Hell", Gundelach created the delicate club track "Bolder". 


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