Roster: M

Mark OrtonMusic from the Motion Picture Nebraska 11/19/2013Milan Records
Mark Sultan$ 04/06/2010Last Gang Records
Marley CarrollSings 12/03/2013Melanaster Records
Marnie SternThis Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That 09/24/2008Kill Rock Stars
Marnie SternIn Advance of the Broken Arm 07/23/2007Kill Rock Stars
Marnie SternMarnie Stern 09/24/2010
Marshmallow Ghostss/t 10/20/2009
Mary EpworthDream Life 05/19/2015Highline Records
MaseratiMaserati Spring Tour 04/07/2011Temporary Residence Limited
Masha QrellaAnalogies 06/05/2012Morr Music
Masters Of The HemisphereMaybe These Are The Breaks 10/04/2011Kindercore/Magic Marker
Math the BandDont Worry 06/16/2009Slanty Shanty
Matias AguayoAy Ay Ay 10/27/2009Kompakt
Matias AguayoThe Visitor 06/24/2013Comeme
Matilde DavoliI'm Calling You From My Dreams 07/20/2015Loyal To Your Dreams
MatreEaster Sonday 04/17/2009Team2Mex
Matt KreftingI Couldn't Love You More 06/17/2009Ecstatic Peace
Matt KreftingI Couldn't Love You More 06/17/2009
matt pond PASpring Fools EP 04/26/2011Altitude Records
Matthew DearDon & Sherri EP 09/22/2007Ghostly International
Matthew DearBlack City 08/06/2010Ghostly International
Matthew DearBeams 08/28/2012Ghostly
Matthew DearDeserter 07/23/2007Ghostly International
Matthew DearAsa Breed 07/21/2007Ghostly
Matthew DearSlowdance 04/05/2011Ghostly International