Roster: D

Dan SartainLives 06/25/2010One Little Indian
Dane TerryColor Movies 03/24/2015Tonk Records
Daniel RossenSilent Hour/Gold Mile 03/01/2012Warp
Dante LaSalleBack In Blue 06/28/2010Havoc Productions
Dante LaSalleRoaming Empire 11/09/2007Havoc
Dante Vs ZombiesBuh 04/10/2012Neurotic Yell
Darc MindSymtomatic of a Greater Ill 07/23/2007Anticon
Dark Dark DarkWild Go 09/23/2010Supply & Demand
Dark Dark DarkWho Needs Who 10/02/2012Supply & Demand
Dark Dark DarkBright Bright Bright 03/11/2010Supply & Demand
Dark Dark DarkThe Snow Magic 10/27/2008Supply & Demand Music
Dark HorsesHail Lucid State 08/26/2014Last Gang Records
Dark MeatUniversal Indians 04/04/2008Vice
Dark Time SunshineVessel 05/02/2010
Darkness FallsAlive In US 11/22/2011HFN Music
Darkness FallsDance and Cry 04/14/2015HFN Music
DarkstarTimeaway 11/13/2012Warp Records
DarkstarNews From Nowhere 02/05/2013Warp
DarlingsYeah I Know 08/11/2009Famous Class
DarlingsPerfect Trip 01/29/2013Self-Released
DarlingsWarma 03/15/2011Famous Class
DATALOGHAARP EP 05/28/2013Self-Released
Dave Douglas and High RiskHigh Risk 06/23/2015Greenleaf Music
David & the CitizensUntril the Sadness is Gone 07/23/2007Friendly Fire
David LynchThe Big Dream 07/16/2013Sacred Bones