nihiti other peoples memories

Nihiti is about as unclassifiable a band as you could come up with. Veering from soaring soundscapes (a la Fennesz's louder work or William Basinski's kinder moments) to gentle acoustic homilies with a vague resemblance to Elliott Smith to screaming fields of sonic death that plumb the same worlds as bands like Fuck Buttons and Merzbow, nihiti hits every possible gradient of sound on their new album, other people's memories. Uniting this somewhat bewildering aural variation is a commitment to "the dark side" and a recurring motif of downward spiraling psychedelia that lends each tune its uniquely (and often bizarrely catchy) nihiti flavor.

Not much is known about the actual members of nihiti, though rumours abound - vague stories of drug addiction, bizarre ritualistic ceremonies, and the infamous "nihiti worship extra action" have traveled across New York and Berlin, but it's still to be determined whether that is based on the downer/death and heartbreak obsessed lyrical content or any actual facts (listening to the music, one might be tempted to say there's no way this sound could even exist without at least some of that being true).

One thing is clear: the music of nihiti exists as living proof that the end of the world has not been exhausted as a subject of musical exploration. Of the little that's actually been confirmed, what's known is nihiti is currently based in NYC, has done extensive work scoring films and theater productions in New York's ever-burgeoning performance scene, has made appearances at several large Berlin art exhibitions, and has recently started popping up at various larger festivals across Europe. The first full length LP, other people's memories (with an absolutely stunning cover illustration from Berlin based artist Viktor Timofeev) is a whirlwind tour through places you've almost touched but never been, from pop hooks and stomping drums to crashing waves of destruction, from gentle cello/piano duets to screaming synthesizers and epic auditory assaults. nihiti songs never linger - they come, assault your existence, and dissolve back into the aether.

lo bit landscapes
November 17th, 2010



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