Pivot O Soundtrack My Heart

      'Creeping along like a John Carpenter soundtrack re-imagined by Battles, this is the place where intricate and party collide.' NME

      Originally formed in late nineties Australia, Pivot have until recently remained hidden from the international radar. With their first album released in 2005 (the locally acclaimed 'Make Me Love You') multi-instrumentalist brothers Laurenz and Richard Pike sensed it was time for new things. The addition of Perth born/London-based Dave Miller in 2006, and the subsequent departure of the original line up, sparked a period of intense creative activity, resulting in a new band, a new album and dreams of the beyond-.

      Before long, word of this young antipodean trio with something to say reached the office and ears of Warp Records, who upon hearing their demonstration cassette, and being gifted an ornamental hotdog, immediately signed them up for a 16 album deal starting with the epic O Soundtrack My Heart-

      With an average age of 28, Pivot are still young, but no strangers to musical endeavour, its members having recorded and performed in collaboration with the likes of Prefuse73, Flanger, Savath & Savalas, Qua, Jan Jelinek, Burnt Friedman and Damo Suzuki, along with several international releases of their own side projects, past and present (Roam the Hello Clouds, Triosk, Dave Miller's minimal techno for Background records and Laurenz Pike's solo drum explorations). Their combined artistic presence as Pivot has struck a nerve recently with luminaries like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Massive Attack, both of whom tapped them as openers at this year's Meltdown Festival, and titans-of-melancholy-epicness Sigur Ros who have invited the band on a long string of upcoming dates.

      Pivot are a rare combination of the emotive and cerebral, harnessing the raw garage energy of three explosive musicians along side intensive studio production. Part prog-warrior, part slacker-geek, their music and approach provide something much needed in a world of 'nowhere music being listened to in nowhere bars'. Equally influenced by synthesizer luminaries Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, Warp label mates Autechre and the post-punk new wave of Talking Heads, O Soundtrack My Heart exudes an omnipresent sense of melodrama and what can only be described as a sort of 'apocalyptic joy'. All of this is wrapped up in a brilliantly-visualized sleeve by none other than Michael Granger, famous for the skull-as-planet painting that adorned the cover of Jean-Michel Jarre's 1976 electronic opus Oxygene. With incredible live shows and the 'slacker-nerd grooves' (Time Out) of debut Warp EP In The Blood already impressing the so oft cynical UK press, O Soundtrack My Heart is ready to win yours too.

      Warp Records
      September 13th, 2008



       |  8
       |  A
       |  B
       |  C
       |  D
       |  E
       |  F
       |  G
       |  H
       |  I
       |  J
       |  K
       |  L
       |  M
       |  N
       |  O
       |  P
       |  Q
       |  R
       |  S
       |  T
       |  U
       |  V
       |  W
       |  X
       |  Y
       |  Z
       |  \