Faunts M4 EP

Faunts was formed in the fall of 2000 by brothers Tim and Steven Batke and soon after, Paul Arnusch. At this point the band emerged, squinting, into the nightlight of their hometown of Edmonton, a modest-sized city in northern Canada with a healthy and thriving music scene. Coming hot on the heels of the Canadian quintet's gorgeous debut album "High Expectations/Low Results", "M4" - which features the song "M4 (Part II)" from the hit Xbox360 game "Mass Effect," further expands on the band's dizzying, cinematic shoegaze sound, while adding just the tiniest touch of 80's new-wave flavor.

Originally written for a live performance hosted by the Film And Video Arts Society, "M4" is composed of scores originally created to accompany three independent short films. Harnessing the use of electronics and synthesizers, Faunts have gathered material that is more ambient and atmospheric than their previous work, but still demonstrates their love for layered melodies and sparkling electronics.

Friendly Fire Recordings
January 11th, 2008



 |  8
 |  A
 |  B
 |  C
 |  D
 |  E
 |  F
 |  G
 |  H
 |  I
 |  J
 |  K
 |  L
 |  M
 |  N
 |  O
 |  P
 |  Q
 |  R
 |  S
 |  T
 |  U
 |  V
 |  W
 |  X
 |  Y
 |  Z
 |  \